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Time to Believe.

Social Media Works.
(when done correctly)


The Environment Today

  • 8 in 10 Americans get their information from Mobile devices

  • Brands win followers by connecting with great content

  • Great content adds value, it doesn't "preach"

  • To be seen, you need to be brave

  • Great content gets shared, and shared, and shared...

Screen Shot 2022-11-09 at 11.53.23 AM.png

The Seco Category

  • Typically boring use of social media

  • A few competitors stand out

  • There's huge opportunity to "own" social media without spending tons of money

  • Creating original content that carries a strong, consistent concept is paramount

  • Creating a Social Media Calendar is key to growth

Social Media Insights

Through hashtag research, we found that there's a strong community of surveyors and construction workers who use Seco products on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter 


Instagram: Opportunity to share original and engaging content (reels)

LinkedIn: Strong platform to start conversations related to your industry through polls and sharing articles

Twitter: This platform still delivers fast content that most of your potential followers will use to spread your content and share it

Episodic Content

What is Episodic Content?

Episodic content marketing is content broken into bite-size pieces. The content is a story with a plot that reveals more to the viewer with each episode. It can be an effective way of storytelling that draws audiences members back for more.

Concept One: The Seco Guy


Gabriel Vasquez

Improvisational Comedian

Just like Geico Insurance is known for its Geico mascot, Seco is going to be known for “The Seco Guy.” We will take a comedian and make him the face of Seco. We will use him to promote “invest in the best” in a fun way through funny headshots wearing/ using products, doing product demos on-site, sharing tips about products and the industry, etc.


Every week will be a photo or reel of him. 

Benefits: Breadth & Reliability and engagement 

Execution: Video and photos 

Schedule: Weekly

We create a musical intro, a logo like a show, and show him in a variety of situations both on the job sites, in studio, demonstrating products, etc.


• Brand Recognition

• Unique for Category

• Cost-Effective

• Very Flexible

• Showcase Products

• Lead the Space

Concept Two: Around the world with Seco


Because Seco is the leading surveying accessory company, its customers are everywhere. We embrace the global knowledge of our brand by getting folks in other countries to participate. Through the use of challenges, we ask people to post imagery and video of them using our products.

Benefits: Initiate huge UGC (User Generated Content)

Execution: Reel and static in-feed post 

Schedule: One a month


• Alter Brand Perceptions

• Draws in Bigger Audience

• Showcase Specific Industries

• Builds Brand Pride

• UGC Increases

• Fun

Concept Three: Day in the Life

Screen Shot 2022-11-09 at 1.22.33 PM.png

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Share surveyors, construction workers, and engineers stories of how they got into the industry and why they invest in Seco products. Also, to highlight Seco's commitment to “always be there,” for customers, we can highlight the day in the life of a Seco customer service agent. 

Benefits: Gives people a view of other like-minded folks

Execution: Mostly video content

Schedule: One a month

Idea: Unboxing each month/product demo

"Dealer of the month"


Influencer Partnership:

Screen Shot 2022-11-09 at 1.27.32 PM.png


• Partnership Opportunities

• Leverage Influencers

• Tell Unique Stories

• Multiple Industries

• Educational

• Inspiring

Concept Four: Tech Tips by Seco


Take the Tech Tips videos on Seco's website and revamp them by hiring an experienced surveyor to share them in an interactive way on-site. We focus on the most frequently asked challenges with products to educate.

Benefits: Valuable content for multiple use

Execution: Video & Animation

Schedule: Twice a month

Ala' Mike Rowe and the show "Dirty Jobs"


• Feature Products

• New Product Launch

• Educational

• Use on Website

• Create Youtube Channel

• On-Going Support

Concept Five: Can you see me now?


Utilize the campaign we already have to continue to push new facts and information to drive inquiries for the lighted vests.

Benefits: Huge Viral Component

Execution: Video & Posts

Schedule: Twice a month


• Combine with Email

• Brand Activation

• Educational

• Innovative

• Viral Qualities

• Unique to Seco

Let's go fishin'!


Our single platform to manage and launch all campaigns

December Content Plan

Rebrand all Seco Social Media Channels


Create Instagram stories for highlight reel:

About Seco

Product Highlight 

Dealer Locator 

Can You See Me Now Campaign 

Tech Tips 

Seco Guy

Around The World

Day in the Life

Tech Tips

Can You See Me Now?


Community Management.

Community management is the future of digital strategy. Why? It's the best way to connect with your audience. A community manager's job is to be the brand's tone, voice, and human element that holds it together – and carries it farther. It is also their job to project a brand's values and nurture their customers online.  How is it done? Social listening. A CM will monitor industry-related keywords and hashtags that mentions your brand or industry. 

Water over a rock.

Social media is all about quality of content, consistency, uniqueness, willingness to take chances, user-engagement, promotions, recognizable voice and frequency.

In that order.

This plan is affordable and can give Seco a unique stance in the category unlike anyone else. It will drive perceptions of leadership, product quality, category knowledge, perception of innovation and give your customers something to hang their hats on each week. When done correctly, you'll have people looking forward to your posts, ready to learn, laugh and share!

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