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We are technology advisors who bring a unique perspective

and approach as former C-Level IT executives

to guide business technology transitions and transformations

Perpetua Advisors

Tall Buildings


We view companies

in a specific way

We strive to be all things to one person. You.

We're not a consortium of talent

It's not about quantity, it's about quality. There are a lot of "experts” or “business consultants" out there. But not a lot that measure up to our standards, or yours. 


That's why at Perpetua we seek people that think like we do, perform like we need, and have a work ethic that others only dream about possessing. We sink a lot of time, resources and energy to provide services and support that exceeds any network you bring to the table. Otherwise, you wouldn't be here right? 


Collaboration improves everyone

We're pretty proud of the environment we've created, our processes and the unparalleled network of vendors and partners. But that doesn't mean we aren't always looking at new alternatives and ideas. Our goal is to stay true to our priorities, never wavering or compromising on behalf of ourselves or our clients. After decades of experience, we've combined the best elements across many disciplines and approaches to form our unique brand. 


Filling in the gaps

Working with our clients, we often identify challenges that require specialty skills and knowledge. Often, this requires bringing new players to the table, and when we do that, clients can base their confidence in relationships that are an extension of our business. 


At Perpetua, all our vendors and partners play an active role and have been vetted through actual experience with our company. Because of that, we can confidently close the gap many consultants have, and we can present a truly complete solution for our clients, from due diligence to on-going development and tech implementation. 


Understanding is critical to any potential solution. And with decades of experience, our chances of having seen a similar challenge before increases your chance for success. And our approach always based on an operator's perspective and anchored with financial discipline.

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