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Another "Tech Consultant"

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In a nutshell, this is how we work.

We listen. We listen a lot.

Getting to the bottom of your challenge or issue is literally everything, so if you want it remedied, it's all cards on the table time. We're not around to judge, because we're old enough to have seen just about every conceivable situation all businesses eventually face. And because of that, we know there's always some snafu, whether technically-driven, people-driven, or growth-driven, that eventually causes problems.

Let us guess.

You've grown, and so has everything else, including challenges you saw coming but couldn't afford to deal with. Now you can, and must.

Lack of engagement

general frustration with IT resources 

Inability to adopt digital strategies

or transform the business due to systems constraints

Increased spend on IT

(6-8% of top-line ARR vs. Up-Market rates of 1.5-2.5%)

Higher business risk

with single point-of-failure IT resources

Conflicting functional initiatives

without a unifying platform


I need an affordable CIO who:

• Understands the cost-value equation

• Can drive business and digital transformation

• Can decipher the IT ”black box”

We like to think we're about as creative at solving challenges as the people who invented the business to start with. Unless we can "see" the holistic view of the business itself, there's not a person alive that can accurately predict or solve a potential crisis. So, right out of the gate, we listen hard because we rely on your openness to help us do our jobs.

We know, that doesn't sound very cool, but having seen so many different challenges, this is how our brain works. We like to "slot things" so that not only do we understand it better, hopefully, so can you when we present our proposal. Take a couple of minutes and click around this interactive presentation where we explain a few things.

Allow us to put you in a box.

Annual Revenue

Technology Spend

Business technology

IT Operations & Infrastructure

# of Users

Organizational Focus


Business Processes

IT Organization & Leadership



< 25



based on individuals


informal at best

Minimal / None 

part-time employee or local vendor

Not Managed


Quickbooks / Excel


individual PC's and internet


Small Business

50 to 200

N - 1 

functional managers


employees since day one of business


undocumented; functional silos if any

IT "Manager" 

focused on infrastructure and simple solutions

Line Item 

may have a few accounts in general ledger

Home Grown 

custom solution and/or outdated ERP


Medium Business

200 to 500

N - 2 

functional mngr+aide


mix of experienced

and new employees


mostly documented; some onboarding

IT "Director" 

focused on isolated projects or custom solutions

Cost Center

IT spends only; not across functions


mix of isolated systems; no enterprise view


Medium Company

500 to 1,000

N - 3 

middle management

Company "Way" 

embedded behaviors not dependent on individuals


fully documented; owned by business


may have title; may not govern all technology

Enterprise View 

visibility to total company

Core Platform 

industry standard ERP w/data layer


Scale Company

1,000 +

N - 4+ 

development leaders

Company "Brand" 

source of competitive edge outside of

the company


strict adherence; rigorous onboarding


business advisor; guides all technology projects

Full Governance 

formal enterprise prioritization


industry standard; proprietary add-ons


simple network; on-premise servers


mixed environment; basic risk mitigation

Mostly Cloud 

proactive risk mitigation; IT services model

Cloud Optimal 

managed network; rigorous security


Services chart? Yeah, we got that.


One step further...

"I'm the CFO of $150M PE-Owned services company seeking a comprehensive IT strategy to decrease risk and improve service."

"I'm the CEO of $300M holding company seeking operational synergies between the separate business units. So now what?"

"I'm the President of a $75M manufacturing company seeking project leadership for major ERP initiatives, and I need someone with a brain."


Who we work with defines us both.

IT Organization Options





Support Options


Dave Patzwald


Mike Wind

So, who are these guys anyway?

Not what you'd expect, but what you need.


Kellogg MBA

College Basketball Walk-On

Huge Corporate Roles for 20 Years

"Really? And you're okay with that?"

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Tells it like it is, always.

Florida State 

Smarter, Harder, Better = Ahead

College Football Walk-On

Huge Corporate Roles for 20 Years

"Just the facts ma'am."

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Stadium Crowd

Our network could fill Gillette stadium.

Vetted, brokered, tried and true resources so you don't have to worry. Our reputations are staked on every piece of talent we bring to your party.

Synonyms for: Perpetuaperpetual / perpetuals / perpetually 


Dave & Mike create perpetual business processes for perpetual success


continuing or enduring forever; everlasting

lasting an indefinitely long time: perpetual snow.

continuing or continued without intermission or interruption; ceaseless: a perpetual stream of visitors all day.

blooming almost continuously throughout the season or the year.

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