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We do the stuff you don't want to do but really need to do.

The process is pretty straight-forward. We're not the typical "tell us what your day looks like" consultants. You've got an issue to deal with, our focus is the same as yours...fix it, and do it correctly and do it fast. Period. Sometimes, what we discover isn't going to make you happy. You might have to face some huge decisions or actions. The good news is, you probably have a sense of what you need, you just want someone to verify it, give you a plan you can execute, and then, you'll have to step up and pull the trigger.

So what's with the lava lamp? Well, this stuff can get 'squishy' and we're great dealing with 'squishy' situations. So rest assured, there's not much we haven't seen or helped solve.

What's a typical engagement look like?

For mid-market companies, Perpetua executes a proven playbook for every service level. Our clients often are facing a roadblock at critical point in their company’s lifecycle and are unsure how to proceed.

  • Do we need a CIO? Can we afford one?

  • How does technology help us scale?

  • How do we integrate or divest business units?

  • Can we afford a massive ERP upgrade?


For these engagements, we leverage our experience, affiliate network and service framework to create a professional IT organization from top to bottom. We remove roadblocks freeing our clients to focus on their business. 

For large companies, Perpetua helps IT organizations respond to specific challenges issued from the business or opportunities identified by outside consulting studies.

  • Find a way to optimize our outsourcing model

  • Determine how many IT staff we should have

  • Design a shared services organization to drive additional value

  • Improve the IT relationship with the business

  • Improve the capability within the Office of the CIO


Often an external study just includes a target, but no implementation plan. For these engagements, we leverage our extensive experience in outsourcing, business/IT relationship management and IT financial management to design and execute a response.

We come in two engagement flavors.

For fractional CIO services and IT management engagements, we employ a retainer-based model and often go well beyond the defined services in our support. We act as a member of your team, and we participate accordingly.

CIO & Management Engagements

For advisory engagements, we develop highly focused engagements with specific benefits and clear Statements of Work. We are interested in results – not getting credit – and we have a history of getting our clients promoted.

Advisory Engagements

What kind of businesses have we worked with?

We could say just about any type of business, because that's true, but here's a more defined list:

All Retail | Manufacturing | Consumer Products | Engineering Services


It's fairly safe to say, you're not going to surprise us. Below are the typical descriptions of the companies we engage with and add immediate value to help them reach their goals...

Business Meeting

Individual company ($50-250M) seeking an IT strategy. They may have an IT manager, but lack an overall strategy or professional approach to IT.

Business Meeting

Private equity or holding company ($200-300M) seeking to generate additional value from their businesses. They have limited IT resources and cannot justify a full-time CIO.

Private Aircraft

Large company (>$1bn) seeking specific expertise. They have a CIO and IT organization, but require trusted counsel with an outside perspective.


Synonyms for: Perpetuaperpetual / perpetuals / perpetually 


Dave & Mike create perpetual business processes for perpetual success


continuing or enduring forever; everlasting

lasting an indefinitely long time: perpetual snow.

continuing or continued without intermission or interruption; ceaseless: a perpetual stream of visitors all day.

blooming almost continuously throughout the season or the year.

[ per-pech-oo-uh ]



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